150 Fans! by Spikings
September 15th, 2018, 4:41 pm
Ok I was going to make this post at 100 fans, but then I saw the state I left my News page/News Archive in, and I didn't want to make you guys go through that mess. So after spending the whole day sprucing it up to "good enough for now", I can say...
holy capri-sun, APOC has reached 150 fans!! Thank you guys for all the support up to now, it really means the world to know people are interested in seeing where Clara's story goes, as well as those who will join her along the way. I keep saying this, but I've got a lot in store for this webcomic as I go along, so hopefully I won't disappoint.

IF you're pretty intrigued in the world of APOC and there's not enough content on here for you right now, then head over to my Patreon and pledge $2 a month to access a nice chunky backlog of APOC sketches and some concept art to boot!
And at $5 a month, you'll be able to read APOC pages earlier than anyone else, although I understand if that's a lot to pledge...! Life can be a hell of a challenge sometimes.

Either way, pledge or no pledge, your comments and support keep APOC updating on the days when it's a little harder to make the pages flow. And for that, I offer a hugggeee thank you. <3

Now, let's see what Chapter 3 has in store....